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The Facts

High value high-risk computer / server Comms Computer Rooms invariably require the protection of a fire detection and gas extinguishing / suppression system / water mist system to protect such valuable equipment whilst also protecting the ongoing function of the business. Risk Management assessments and Insurance Company requirements invariably lead to a necessity to detect fire and provide fire control measures.

Our Expertise & Service

We have specialized engineers in this field and provide bespoke systems selected not by product preference or inter-company product, but product selection best suited for the purpose. We generally recommend the products provided by the Fike Corporation but are not adverse to selecting, where the requirement dictates equipment from Kidde / Ginge Kerr Inert Gas IG55 Argonite, or Tyco Inert Gas IG541 Inergen.

The Fike product range comprises IG55 Proinert, an inert gas that functions as Argonite or Inergen, by reducing the ambient oxygen level down to below that required for a fire to combust, yet above that require to sustain human respiration.

Alternatives to inert gas are the ranges of chemical gasses, being FM200 (HFC227-ea) FE25 and Novec 1230 which we have installed in many different situations.

We are not tied to a product company and therefore are free to select, design, install, commission and service maintain any of these systems to the highest quality of customer care and satisfaction.

  • Fire Extinguisher Supply & Service
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Dry/Wet Riser Testing


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