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Testing Procedure for dry rising mains

The person responsible for a building or site is legally required to maintain all fire fighting equipment, including dry/wet risers. The British Standard Code of Practice BS9990:2006 requires a full annual pressure test and six monthly visual check for dry risers for buildings above 18 metres and below 60 metres (buildings over 60 metres/18 storeys require wet risers).

Clause 7 of the Code states that inlets, landing valves, drain valves and landing valve boxes should be inspected every 6 months and recommends that wet tests be carried out annually when the main can be checked for leaks.

The Inspection Includes: -

  • Checking all valves open and close (leave closed and strapped and locked)
  • Replace all outlet instantaneous washers.
  • Replace all damaged or missing blank caps and chains.
  • Checking that all hand wheels and nuts are undamaged and in place.
  • Checking landing instantaneous outlets are free moving and undamaged.
  • Checking the air release valve and replacing if necessary.
  • Checking the inlet cabinet and door for corrosion.
  • Checking that the inlet breeching valve springs, and rubbers are free moving and in good condition.
  • Checking the glazing and sign in the door.
  • Removing any rubbish from the inlet box.
  • Lightly lubricating all moving parts.

Static Pressure Test (Annually)

On completion of inspecting the system water will be allowed to flow through for at least 5 minutes, discharging via the topmost outlet flushing out any debris that may be present (if possible). The system will then be completely charged with water to a pressure of 3bar (measured at the inlet) and all landing valves will be checked for leakage, and auto air purge will be checked for valve operation. Should this air valve be found to be faulty every attempt will be made to fit a new valve at the time of test. The pressure will then be increased to 10bar (measured at the inlet) for a period of 15 minutes, during this time a further inspection of the system will be made to check for leakage of water at joints and landing valves. If any valves or joints have to be replaced a further pressure test will be carried out. The system is drained and left in a serviceable and ready condition and a certificate is issued to that effect.

Flow Test

On completion of the static pressure test a flow test will be carried out (where possible). Water will be passed through the system under pressure for a period of not less than 5 minutes and flow gauge readings recorded on the test certificate. If unable to sustain an effective jet from the topmost outlet or if there is any undue pressure loss in the rising main (after allowing for the height involved) an investigation will take place.

Putting into Operational Readiness

When the pressure has been released at the pumping appliance the coupling to the rising main will be disconnected and the action of the non-return valves checked. The system will then be drained down and left ready for use.

Remedial Action & Re-Test

If after these tests any defects are found which are impossible to rectify immediately then the faulty valve will be padlocked down with an ‘Out of Order’ notice attached to the valve in a prominent position.

A full report will be given in writing within seven days of the inspection to the client stating the work required to reinstate the dry riser system back to full operation, this includes all materials required and the cost of fitting, together with an estimate of time to complete the repair and the date when the repair will begin.

When the work is completed then a full re-test of the system will be carried out as specified previously.

Visual Inspection – (6 months)
This test involves a visual inspection only as required by BS9990:2006 (Clause 7) landing valves, drain valves and landing valve boxes are checked and any missing or damaged items are replaced.



A certificate confirming the satisfactory performance of the installation will be issued by the testing service provider and sent to the customer.


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