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BLUE indicates Dry Powder.

The 2 common types of powder are ABC and BC. The ABC is suitable for A, B and C rated fires. The BC is suitable for B and C fires. The former is the most common type and is safe for operation on most types of fire. The latter is suitable for fuel and gas only. Powder extinguishers work by creating a cloud of fine dust which smothers the fire cutting off the oxygen. The cloud of powder can cause reduced visibility and coughing. It may also cause irritation if it gets into your eyes. It is not recommended for confined spaces or in staircases where its reduction of visibility may cause panic or accidents. Use around the elderly is also not recommended as it may trigger off coughing attacks. Unlike CO2 the powder remains working once discharge has finished. However, the fire may still smoulder under the cover of the powder and if disturbed can again reignite.

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