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BLACK indicates carbon dioxide, more commonly known as CO2.

These extinguishers carry a B rating for safe on fuels, but the main reason they are sold is that they are safe on live electrics. CO2 extinguishers come in 2 common sizes: 2kg and 5kg. The 2kg units have a hard plastic discharge horn located on the side, and the 5kg has a rigid plastic horn at the end of a rubber hose. The discharge is a high pressure jet of liquid CO2 that vaporises in the horn and disperses as a gas. This process creates very low temperatures and can cause the plastic on the horn to freeze. Some horns are double insulated to protect the operator from freeze burns which could occur in extreme cases. CO2 extinguishes fires by removing the oxygen needed to sustain the fire. The effects of the extinguisher are short and as soon as you stop operation the oxygen will return and if not fully extinguished the fire can reignite.

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