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CREAM indicates AFF Foam.

The foam extinguisher comes in 3 common sizes: 2ltr, 6ltr and 9ltr. The foam extinguisher carries a double fire rating covering A and B risks and is very efficient with contained fuel fires as it forms a skin on the top of the liquid. If the skin is disturbed it will immediately start to reform, re-extinguishing the fire. The 6ltr Foam is commonly found in office environments as it was the first water based extinguisher that was graded as safe for accidental discharge against live electrics. The foam works in 2 ways: on A rated fires (wood paper fabric etc.) where it cools the same way water does, and on fuel fires it works by smothering the fire and sealing the fuel from the oxygen. The downside to the Foam in the office environment is the environmental issues with discharging.

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